Why Go Solar?

A Better way, Control, Predictability, Independence… What’s your reason?

So many reasons to go solar!

Personal responsibility

Climate Change is here. There’s no stopping it. It’s here and many of us are already feeling it’s impacts. Although it is almost impossible to stop it in its tracks, We can each make a personal decision to lessen the impact. While it’s going to take a full team effort and a massive shift to change our circumstances, maybe today that shift starts with you?

In auto transportation alone 17.5 Million Cars will be sold in the US this year. There’s 1.06 billion passenger cars in the world, almost 1/3 are in the US. I wonder what the emissions are on that every year? Add in the burning of fossil fuels, clearing of land, and many other human activities that impact climate and it becomes evident that the time for change is here.

What can we do?

Solar isn’t the solution, but it’s definitely a big part of it. Solar is a cleaner and better way to generate energy and making the decision to convert your home or business to solar electricity will help. Sign up for a free consultation with us and find out how you can help make a difference in lessening the impact.



control and predictability

In 1998 Gas was 86 cents per gallon in Pennsylvania. Today it is just under $3.00

Imagine if you could have purchased all of or a portion of your gas that you’re using today back in 1998 at that price.. Would you have done it?

When you go Solar today you take control of your future utility prices for the energy you can generate from your Solar System. 

When rates rise, you own your Power and your prices isn’t going up.

energy independence

Oh say can you see… 

When you pay your energy bill this month you are not paying for your energy, Thats the big secret. 

What you are paying for is your utility companies infrastructure and infrastructure improvements which are often the cause for your rates to rise. 

When you make the decision to go Solar, you own the infrastructure on your rooftop and whatever amount of your usage that you’re able to produce belongs to you. It’s kind of like Owning a home vs. Renting a home. We think it’s time to help you gain Energy Independence and produce your own power. 

Did you know?

solar is powerful

solar is cost effective

solar is fast

Some Frequently Asked Questions

If I go solar will I have electricity at night?

Yes. Our customers will always be connected to the grid. When the sun is not shining, the grid will be able to provide them with electricity. 

Will solar keep my power on in the event of an outage?

Traditionally, when the grid has an outage, solar stops producing electricity. However, we do have stationary storage available that would enable you to keep your electricity flowing when the power goes out.

Can I charge my electric vehicle with my solar array!

Yes! When electric vehicle owners go solar, they get a completely sustainable solution to their energy and transportation needs. 

Is solar expensive?

The cost of solar has come down tremendously over the last ten years. Going solar is more affordable and easier than ever. However, each home is different and the cost to go solar for each home is different.  We offer free consultations to evaluate your needs and customize a system for you. 

Does solar require a lot of maintenance?

Our solar arrays do not have any moving parts making it simple and easy to maintain. A homeowner can hose off their panels to clean them of any debris.