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More home owners Are turning to Solar Energy. Whether it’s for control and predictability, energy independence, financial savings, or because it’s better for the planet. Our goal is to help you decide if solar is the right solution for your home.

Why OH Solar is the Best Solution for Your Home!

Great Products

We stay up to date on the best products the solar industry has to offer and how they will work for our customers. Whether it’s the solar panels, inverter, or the mounting system we make sure that we are providing our customers with great products that are backed by some of the best warranties in the industry to provide you with peace of mind

Great Value

We consistently work to bring the best products in the industry at the best price we can offer them to you. This is very important to us because we believe this will make going solar an easier decision. One of the biggest reasons we started this mission is to have an impact on climate and it is our goal that our pricing reflects that. We believe keeping value at the front of what we do will enable us to help as many homeowners convert to solar power as possible! 

Great Service

Not only do we believe in a better way of delivering energy but we believe in a better way of treating our customers. We pride ourselves on building relationships and working with integrity. It is our number one priority to always do what is right for you.


We are your local solar company and it is our hope to have a positive impact on the communities around us. Whether it is giving, serving, or just conducting daily business it is our goal to make our communities and the world around us a better place because we exist.

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