Solar Energy Solutions

We provide homeowners a better way to get their electricity.

We are committed to providing our community a better way to purchase their electricity. We do that by providing our customers with a quality solar installation. Solar installations provide homeowners and businesses with a clean and predictable way to get their electricity.  

OH Solar began operations in 2019.  We are based out of Columbus and operate throughout the entire state of Ohio. OH Solar operates in the greater Philadelphia area under the name Penn Solar. Click the Free Estimate button above to see if you qualify for a solar installation!

Going solar is easier than ever! We provide free consultations to anyone looking to explore if solar is a good fit for their home or business. During a consultation, we analyze energy usage and design a solar array to best fit the needs of our customer. We take care of all of the permits, paperwork, and inspections. All you need to do is be there on the day that the array is installed!  

Quality comes first! Our focus is 100% on the client’s needs and satisfaction. In order to provide our customers with the best possible product, our consultants and installers have been trained by veterans of the solar industry from all around the country. 



Need help with easier solar energy solutions? We are experts!