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We are a local solar installer that provides a high quality product at a great value for our customers. Our goal is to provide our local community with clean electricity, jobs, and predictable energy rates. We service the state of Ohio and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

What do we offer

Residential Solar Installations

Clean, affordable and predictable electricity for your home.

Commercial Solar Installations

Solar pays for itself within 5-8 years. Ask about which incentives for which your business qualifies!

Solar Farms

Grants are available for farmers that want to save on their energy bills! See if you qualify!


We are the only Solar Installer you need.  We handle all of your solar installation needs from beginning to end. 


Solar Power makes it possible for you to obtain control and predictability over your electricity rates. 

The average residential solar installation offsets around 10,000 pounds of CO2 per year!

That’s about the equivalent of planting 50 trees!

That’s about the equivalent of not driving 11,500 miles per year!

How to Contact Us:

  • 614-316-7974
  • 610-304-6220
  • info@ohsolarsolutions.com



Your journey begins with a free solar consultation.

During your consultation we will:

  • Look at your electric bill
  • Customize a system for your home
  • Go over financing options

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